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Aalborg L6D-L06-01-Tf, L Low Range Ptfe-Pfa Flow Meter (With Valve)

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Aalborg, L6D-L06-01-TF, L Low Range PTFE-PFA Flow Meter (with Valve), 2000 mL/min Features: Constructed from PFA, PTFE and PCTFE Individually leak tested Leak Integrity

  • Description
  • A cylindrical float freely moving inside a tapered flow tube comprises the flow measurement element of PTFE - PFA flow meters

    As flow takes place the float is propelled up inside the flow tube

    At equilibrium the top of the float is lined up with a scale graduation on the flow tube denoting a discrete rate of flow.

    Flow meter are also resistant to external, ambient corrosives

    Flow meter are individually tested on a Mass Spectrometer Leak Detector and certified to a leak integrity rating of 1 x 10-7 sccs Helium or better

    For the protection of personnel flow meter is supplied with a safety shield

    Incorporating the principles of traditional rota-meter flow technology, these rugged PTFE-PFA flow meter offer solutions to low to medium flow range measurements of highly corrosive or ultra-pure liquids

    Model L meter are constructed of inert materials PFA, PTFE and PCTFE

    Principles of Operation

    The area between the float and the inside diameter of the flow tube gradually increases with increasing flow and correspondingly the pressure lifting the float decreases until the weight of the float and its buoyant force come to equilibrium

    The translucent PFA flow tube is installed vertically in-line in the liquid stream

    The unique design construction brings about an inert, mechanically rigid flow meter line